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Seneca 7/28/13 Drizzley delight!

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Splash down about 7:30 am...before I got the third rod out the 40ft rigger popped...nice Laker on the slider(wow...crazy warm water Lakers)  Troll a bit more hit another Laker on the 56ft rigger. Head in the shallows to see if I can find a nice fat Brown...46ft rigger fires...thought for sure it was gonna be a Brown......another Laker.   Decide to try to shake these Lakers and throttle up the Honda 8 for some Bow action and sure enough 15 minutes later a small bow in the net.  Troll a bit farther then a decent 4 pound Bow in the boat.  ...Getting kinda damp...head for the lift.  All fish lived happily ever after!!!   Dream Weaver Super Slim  Blue Dolphin  down about 55 or so did most of the work today.

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