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Berkley Vanish Transition / Red? good or bad?

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theres been some talk on the red line some good and bad glangler had a heated discussion last year you might be able to do a search there,also in the upper right area of this site there is a search area you could try but the 10lb test got my attention more than the line used seems a little light for the big pond tho i do toss out my ultralight when i want a challenge now and then. 10 lb will land anything in onterio but that pore puppy will be mighty played out for a good release, i run 14 and 15 lb with good results and you can horse on the fish to get it in a little quicker 17 and 20 lb in a tourny for added inshurance type in berkly vanish in the search box..........

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Thanks Ray

As far as the RED it is a fluorocarbon so it is invisible under water the red just makes it easer to see out of water on the boards? I knew I would catch flack on the 10lb but theirs a reason: I fish Hemlock, Canidice, and Conesus where small line diameter can make the difference between fish in the boat and fish on the finder. I fish these lake 90% of my time but I try to get up on the big pond as much as possible weather permitting w/a 16ft boat! Ill tell you what it sure is fun hookin up with 25lb king on light action!!!! as far as the release!!!! they don’t flip around as much in the cooler when their tired out.

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