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for sale : usa Revised and Reduced- 25' Grady White Sailfish/Closed


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This maybe a silly question, but what is average cost for slip,storage,maint. on a vessel of this size?


John is about right on, as I have this very vessel basically. 


-Slip $1600

-Gas $600

-Est Annual Maintenance $1200 (figuring age, best practice, etc..)

-Storage $500

-Cradle Rental $100

-Winterizing $250 

-Wrapping $400


So all in that is about just over $4K, though some of above may not be of interest to you or you may choose another path or to self serve. Gas is obviously highly variable depending on how far you choose to run regularly. I only run 10 miles east or west before setting up, and also don't use the boat for any pleasure cruising. If I did, that number would rise fast. 

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Figured it would mean more coming from others than just the guy trying to sell his boat, so thank you for those that provided information.  The figures for me are listed below:


Slip $1600


Winter indoor storage $900 (Outdoor block and wrap would be similar)


Winterizing- DIY as easy as possible with these closed coolant system I/O's.  Fog the carbs, shut down, unscrew the sea water plug from the heat exhanger....done


Annual maintenance- depends... I am a PM guy... pull outdrives every other year, PT and then replace impellar and seals... usually budget $800 every other year... I put approx 60 hrs per year on each engine, so one oil change every fall... otherwise I budget $500/year for incidental stuff. 



Gas- Fuel burn is 14gal/hr at cruise and a bit less than 1 gal/hr trolling... I run roundtrip thru IBay and generally straight out to 100 to 150 fow (4-5 miles), so figure 45 minutes of running round trip and then I generally troll 5-6 hrs each time I go... normal day is 18 gallons for me.  I do some pleasure cruising during the season and troll 10-15 times per year which means about 250 gallons of fuel per season.


So, all in total for me this boat costs $5k per year to own on average.


Also, I have been choosing to upgrade an item yearly - ie.) cabin cushions, canvas, electronics, stereo system, downriggers, rod holders, fuel lines, various trim items.

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Thank you all for your responses.I wish my banker(aka.the wife) would let me purchase this boat ,for this is the boat of my dreams.She said my 22' is big enough.Bigger is better in my eyes! Thanks again, and beautiful boat!

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That is one heck of a boat and it is obvious from the description and and pics that you have taken wonderful care of it. I think it is kinda like selling a house... it is a mainly matter of the right buyer coming along and saying "I'll take it" I'm sure a lot of folks have said to themselves "I sure wish I had the money right now....but with kids in college etc." Don't get discouraged...that is a boat that any fisherman would love to have....including me :)

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