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power coming in and out on electronics


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Hi GUys, i have a 17 Lund Fisherman.  Last trip out my electronics GPS and Fishfinder starting shutting off. I thought the battery died and swapped it out with a fresh one while fishing.  Same issue.  I tested the batteries and they are fine!  New Battery and the main power switch looks dim when i turn it on and my FF blinks in and out.  No prob starting the boat though.  Any ideas?  Appreciate any help guys



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Check the fuse holders on the dash, if so equipped. My buddy I fish with out of his 17 foot Lund rebel sometimes has the fishfinder go out and simply taking the fuse out and putting it back in has always cured the problem. There are days where it keeps shutting off but also days with no problem

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Also make sure your grounds are good. If grounded through a grounding buss bar make sure all of those connections are good and tight as well as corrosion free.

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