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Hi Psychodad... we fished anywhere fron 116 to 165 feet,  down about 80 to 90 feet, if the wind is good,  you should have no problems in your boat... just watch the WEATHER. check with ED.. he owns the tackle shop and resturant at the launch he should be able to give you more up to date information on fish location. Good Luck

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Hi Big-o,


I went fishing last Tuesday and I bought some tackle at Don's tackles, and after I ask him where was the fish and he answered that he did not know. 

So I guest you have to be friend with him.





Ps: The fish were: big ones in the 90' - 100', the smaller ones were in the 300' ( allot of them)(5-10lbs)

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Ii deal with ED right at Port Hope Launch(tackle store and rest)... Ed  is a pretty good guy and hes always willing to help out fishermen. I don`t know where Don`s is ?  I'm glad you found the fish. They will be starting to Stag at the river mouth soon.... then its combat fishing time(LOL)

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