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Muskies Inc. Newest and Youngest Member

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Hi muskie buddies,

I wanted to introduce you to Muskies Inc. newest and youngest member at only 1-week old - Charlotte Lapa! My wife Katherine and I celebrated our first born child this past week and I purchased the family membership for Muskies Inc so now Charlotte and Katherine are official members. This is also the first grandchild for parents. Can't wait to take her out fishing with me someday!






If you get a chance to take a kid fishing....... do it! They might just look back 30 years later with that same opportunity and recall all the great times they had growing up doing the same.

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Thank you everyone for the kind words!  It's been a real "game changing" experience... but in a good way :)   I am living vicariously through each of you for a little while now anyways.

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Thanks Larry & Teveor!  And congrats to you as well Trev on the birth of your little girl Arabella!  We are going to have to look further into the youth divisions now :P:lol:  

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