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Cut bait????

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Any thing "new" on this ??

Still the same - you can login at the link above and voice your opinions on the matter. Looks like they want to watch live bait closely, but even that you can chime in on with your feelings and opinions.

Ultimately, when I spoke with Greg at the DEC office, he said that he wants sportsmen to give their opinions because the resource is all of ours.

As far as our baits? I am talking with a few distributors who are looking to take on the herring in the next 2-3 weeks. Buy the spin doctors AND real meat - you need every option to get the fish in the box.

Tight lines...


Guess NOT this year !!!!

Ray you got any flies for sale................

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Just kidding Ray but that was very generous (sp) of you , you can PM some names or pictures of your combo's. I did pick up some spinny's but have not had much luck with them on Seneca.

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.................got it..............thanks................I think................. :shock:

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