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Herd from a few guys the fishing was good offshore so we motored out to 400 fow started setting up there temp was 50 deg 103 down was were the probe went scattered the 3 other riggers 90 80 75 wires out 300 325 and a 300 copper befor while settings out the 3 rd down rigger the wire at 300 started screaming landed a nice 20 lb got a smaller steelie then post-148870-13753546132227_thumb.jpgpost-148870-13753546268841_thumb.jpgpost-148870-137535464036_thumb.jpgwithin 30 min after sending same wire back down starts ripping againe 23 lb then the 103 rigger fires w a smaller king send that back down w a cheater that fires againe somehow cheater gets off line and steelie starts jumping 3 or 4 times behind boat next the 75 rigger starts ripping line after letting my buddy have fun w that rigger fish we get that one in the net at about 27 lb ended up losing another went 5 for 7 in hrs not a bad afternoon

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