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Fished with my good friend Hans, his brother Lars and his son Dylan today. 9 year old Dylan put a beating on a 26lb salmon, we doubled up with two teenagers and had a beautiful 9 lb domestic Rainbow. A few smaller kings and some steelies to round out a great trip. Ran between Russell and Braddocks with 170' down 85' being the best. Green Gator was the best spoon of the day and glow nuclear paddle took a nice king. Great time, experienced crew and good fishing. Pulled when the storms kicked up. On water 6 am til noon. Wicked currents and took some fish out of temp....first sign summer is waning. 

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Great report - glad you got into them with Hans.


Thanks for the great details - I just rigged up a Glow nuclear paddle  with a sweet pea fly that I hope to use this weekend if the waves will let me.. 


Be safe and good luck!


- Chris

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