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Early goose

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I sit on NYSDEC's WNY Zone Season Setting Task Force on behalf of Lake Plains Watefowl Association in Greece, NY.   I have been all for increasing the bag limit as well as for the additional 1/2 hour past sunset for resident Canada Geese in September for the last several years.  The biggest factor for reducing the numbers of resident Canada geese, other than allowing hunting on closed areas, is the additional 1/2 hour past sunset.  High bag limits are great - if you can attain them , but resident geese have grown very wise.  How many times have you seen the waves of resident Canada geese going back to roosting areas after legal shooting time has ended?   I was quite surprised that the tentative resident Canada Goose season didn't include the 1/2 past sunset change for this this fall in addition to the increased bag limit.

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HIGHLIGHTS for 2013â€2014


✓Duck Bag Limits – bag limitsfor pintail,scaup and canvasbacks are

2 per day for each ofthese species, based on themostrecentstatus

assessment of their continental populations.


✓September Canada Goose Seasons – bag limits are increased to 15

per day inmost areas. Shooting hours are extended to½hour after

sunset, and electronic calls and shotguns capable of holdingmore

than 3 shells are also allowed during September, except on any Youth

HuntDays. These specialmeasures are intended to increase hunter

harvest of localâ€nesting or “resident†Canada geese.


✓SnowGeese –During January 16 – April 15,shooting hoursfor

snow geese are extended to½hour aftersunset. Electronic calls and

shotguns capable of holdingmore than 3 shellsmay be used at any

time when all other waterfowlseasons are closed. For details, go to:



✓Possession Limits – possession limitsfor allmigratory game birds

increased to three times the daily bag limit(no limitforsnow geese).

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First, make sure that you go to Walmart and purchase all of the Duck Dynasty/Duck Commander gear that you can afford, probably not much left with all of the popularity of the TV show.  (disclosure - I can't stand that show!)  All kidding aside, private land hunts for Canada geese are typically more productive in the Southern Tier than public land hunts.  Find where the geese are feeding in harvested grain or sweet corn fields will be your best bets.  Be where they want to be!  Make sure you camo well, grassed layout blinds help tremendously, purchase good quality field decoys, get a decent short read goose call and PRACTICE, use the proper size shot, pattern your gun and keep shots under 40 yds.  Good luck!  Lots to learn, hook up with someone who has been doing it and doing it right for a while will make you learn everything faster!

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