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Heartland or Blue Diamond Diver Rods?  

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  1. 1. Heartland or Blue Diamond Diver Rods?

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Have a set of old 9' Diawa Great Lakes System rods one setup with Fireline, the other wire. Want to purchase a second set of 10 -10 1/2 footers and rig them identically, so I have two of each.

Trying to decide on the Blue Diamonds or the Heartlands. Don't want to decide on price alone and I have not used either rod.

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Okuma's ,Heartlands are ok but I like the Okumas better.I run mostly dodger flys off the divers. And the Okumas tip seems more sensitive.You can judge your downspeed watching the rod tip. If its pulsing you know your dodger is working right.I run wire dipseys all the time after spring top water fishing. I have downspeed and temp. but I dont need it it when the wires are out.Also I seem to catch more fish out of temp then in temp.Ive still got a couple heartlands that served well for many years. I would say it all depends on how much you fish.How much attention you pay to little details.

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Some guys like rollers and they seem to work just fine. Wire is really not as abrasive as you would think, I thought the same thing until I fished a while with standard rods w/twilli tips - no problemo.

I use both the Daiwa's and the Okuma's and like them both. I use the Okuma Classic Pro rods though.


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Have been using Shimano 8 ' Talora Roller Guide rods for the last two years, & have very good luck with them. It is so much easier to land a fish due to the very reduced amount of drag from the roller guides vs the reqular guides & twili tip. Still keeping my two Heartland 10" ers with the twili tips for back up though!

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