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Downrigger coming up real slow


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I have mag 10 a riggers and im new to this I just had the circuit board replaced by screwy luies in fairhaven and I took it out to try it lastnight and I could barely get the weight back up I had to keep resetting it..I no the powercord looks lkke a indoor extention cord ..could that be the prob? Any ideas please. .the other rigger is set up the same way and works great

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You can do that.  I ended up using the cigarette lighter type connection.  But will probably change that out.  Kinda cheesy.  I needed to be able to take my riggers off easily for fun in the sun action

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I had the same problem with mine. Brandon at screwy Louies said that the gear case was out of grease.

I'm sure that he would have done this. Make sure that the clutch knob is tight (counter clockwise).

I burned out the second board that I had installed.

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