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Transducers 83/200 vs 50/200


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Hey guys i just picked up a new lowrance hds7 which came with both ducers the 83/200 and the 50/200.

I mainly fish lake o, Huron, and erie trolling.


Lookin for some advice from the experts on here as to what one would be best. and or what are most of you running??


Thanks so much!!


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how does the 50/200 preform in water say up to about 250 ft

thats what i have found my self fishing most on lake O

and erie is about up to say 75ft or so

Yes ill get some pics for you next weekend on the lake I'm putting a new 50/200 on my boat, I have a 200 now but after seeing my friends p66 with 50 I had to have one

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