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8-11 Pultneyville live report

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Started out in 160' and my son and I set 3 riggers 80, 100, 120 and 3 wires 225, 250 and 300. Screen got good in 190 and we got into first king in 210' fow on the free slider with mixed veggie spoon on 100' rigger. A very mature and darkening 24lb female king.

Just lost a rip on the 250' mag diver with white SD and blue hammer fly!

And so our morning begins!

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I am heading out at 2PM for the evening bitefrom Hughes. If you are staying out, I will give you a call on the radio. Did you head straight north from Pultneyville? Most of the reports seem to be better deep (>250'). Sounds like you are having a good bite in closer. Keep it up!



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Well chaos was that last 30 minutes. Took a great rip on 110 deep rigger over 40o fow with a green SD and green ITO fly. Lost it, after it tangled in the port side diver. Was getting all sorted out when 95 rigger got slammed by an 8lb Steelie that went ballistic. Somewhere in the melee.:: snapped the handle on my diver rod. Ugh....but more good eating fish to account for it! Trolling back in now....will try inside waters a few mins before quitting!

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