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HDS settings


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- Auto Sensitivity

- Range = Auto

- Frequency = 200 kHz

- Chart speed = 2x

- Fishing mode = General

- Ping Speed = 15

- Noise reduction = low

- Surface clarity = off

- Palette = 13

- Transducer: make sure you go to Installation and under sonar settings, select the correct transducer.

- Network: make sure you go to Data Source under sonar use the temp from the Lowrance unit, not Global (via network).

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My settings came directly from a Lowrance guru (he sells them for a living, and has regular seminars at fishing clubs teaching people how to use their sonars - see video of him on youtube link below - Jocelyn Leung). Just about everyone in my marina is going to these settings.



Several parts to the video due to length of presentation - this guy knows his stuff,


I have an 83/200 ducer. 200 has better penetration due to the narrower cone angle. I can't say how the 50 Hz works. You can always split screen the sonar. However, I find you do lose clarity when the ducer is switching between the two frequencies to display both.


I can pick up my canon balls on 83 Hz,  I use a 12 lb ball, and have around 50 or 60 ft of blowback.


The settings are a balance of picking up detail, but rejecting noise.  So the highest sensitivies and ping speeds are not always recommended.


General use is recommended for depths above 100 ft.  Below 100 ft, Joc recommends shallow.

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