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Using cheaters


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For s sliding cheater, I rig up a 5-6 foot leader with snap swivels on both ends. Put my lure on one end and snap the other end to line, not the rigger wire, between the rod and the rigger release. 

I usually let out the rigger to depth and then let the sliding cheater go. It will settle in some where around 1/2 the way to the release or maybe a little further down.

It's a great way to run (2) different lures at different depths off of one rigger and rod.

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What TroutBum said. You can "fix" a cheater at a specific location on the main line with a rubber band. Half-hitch the rubber band to the main line at desired height above the main lure, and then attach the cheater swivel to rubber band and main line both. 


If you run stacked rods on the same rigger, don't cheat the bottom rod to avoid tangles. It IS ok to cheat the top rod in this set-up, giving you three lures on that rigger.

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