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Hello Fellow Musky Hunters,


I am just starting to get into musky fishing and planned on spending a few days on casting on Waneta.   Not looking for any specific spots as I enjoy trying to figure that part out myself.   I was wondering if any seasoned Musky Hunters can point out a few must have late summer/early fall Waneta lures.   Any help would be greatly appreciated and I look forward to sharing my trials and tribulations as a new musky fisherman.



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Hello Bob,


It is generally most productive to use smaller musky baits 4 to 6 inches but baits up to 10 inches can also produce fish. Shad type crank baits with 3 to 15 foot depth ranges, jerk baits, glide baits, bucktails and plastics such as bulldogs and tubes have all produced fish there. Perch is probably the most productive color patern (especially with gold in it) but other natural colors, burnt orange, fire tiger, red/white, black/white and chartreuce can all produce fish. Steady retrieve can work but irregular retrieve and stop and go is usually more productive. The north and south ends in 6 to 12 ft. of water and shoreline breaks (especially around points and irregularities) generally hold fish that time of year.


I am not sure where you live, but I am a member of Muskies Inc. Chapter 69 which we started a little over a year ago. http://www.nymusky.com/#  We meet on the third monday of every month at the Moose Lodge on West Henrietta Rd. at 7 PM. Also, this Sunday August, 18 we are having a picnic at Darian Lake State Park. You are welcome to join us. Several of our members are regulars at Waneta. Our President, Jim Reynolds hosts a tournament on Waneta on the first Saturday of October. Last year we had a great turnout and a reel good time. There were 41 anglers and 19 muskies were caught. The first and second place fish were caught less than 15 min. before the end of the tournament. We have a cookout and party after the tournament at a cottage we rent for the weekend.


One last thing Bob, please read the topic on catch and release that is pinned to the top of this forum and try to be as prepared as possible for a safe catch and release for the fish and for you. We must all do our part in protecting our valuable resources.


Good luck!!



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Thanks for the repies fellas.   I am from NE PA and I think the local chapter in my area is MI 50.   I probably can't make the meeting but appreciate the invite.  I have been talking aobut heading up to Waneta for awhile and am glad I finally have some time to invest on learing the lake.


I fished the Moon River in Canada a few times over the past few years and the musky bug has def got me.....something about the elsuiveness of that fish makes me want to focus all my attention on it.   Fishing for salmon and walleyes seems to lose its luster with the thought of a 50" tugging on the end of my line.


I have slowly amassed a nice collection of musky gear and seem to have some of the above lures.  I will keep you posted as my plans always work out better in my head.  

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Hello Bob,  I'm also from northeast Pa. I recently fished Waneta.. It was during that heat wave we had a few weeks ago. We manage 3 muskies despite 95 degree day. I had good success with a Phantom Soft tail in Crappie color. Make sure you hit the water from the Camp point North..Nice deep shore.. We also hooked up outside the the weed line on the west side of the lake in about 17 feet of water. Alll fish were caught casting.  Good luck 

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