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Anybody fish out of the salmon river and were are the salmon at. Plan on taking my buddies out this weekend and hope to get them into some fish.

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There are quite a few good holes on the salmon river. Ill be starting at altamar and working my way down towards Pulaski saturday. In pulaski you have the clam shack hole(ball park), black hole, the eye of the needle. If you want pm me ill shoot ya my cell number.

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Went to salmon river yesterday afternoon, hooked up at the staircase bottom bouncing a green chartreuse Estaz fly, with the minimal amount of weight. 3ft 6lb fluorocarbon leader. Saw about a 6 fish from there to the town pool. Didn't go anywhere. I'd start up higher like the ball park and work your way low, dawn and dusk obviously are the best times when the fish are moving. You gotta hunt for Em, these fish are basically in bathtub water

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If your putting in at either the Lighthouse or Pine Grove, go straight out of the chute on a NNW direction, and you'll see the fleet of boats....no doubt.

We were in 130-140 fow or so and temp was 105 down.

Long copper in that traffic is not a good idea, FWIW.

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