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Port Darlington aug.12-13 report

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Just came back from Port Darlington. Fantastic fishing !

Started on aug.12 in 90fow on first light and as soon as the sun came up, we mooved to 300fow. Saw a lot of baitfish only 20-35 f down so we placed lure between 20 and 50. The cheater and dipsy brig most of the fish all on spoon. We had about 23 hits, landing 16 fishs, half king, half steelhead.


 aug.13 pretty windy, nothing in 100fow. We searched a lot for baitfish till we find them in 250 fow, still fish 20-40 down, caught 6 nice fish untill my friend got badly seasick ! Have to come back at 9am just as we foud plenty of fish ! to bad.

I had a great time.... not im !



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