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Great read guys.....After my trip last weekend on Lake-O I can verify the thrill just gets even better


Our crew ended up with only 4 bites, but turned into 4 fish and 86.3 lbs of fish for the weekend.....this fishing addiction thing doesn't cure itself by catching more bigger fish :lol:


It was great to meet Adk1 at the launch, he mentioned here to look for the camper pulling an islander and that's exactly what we saw just as we were driving into the launch parking lot.....Glad Scott you found your sweet spot out there in that huge sweet ocean


And my fishing buddies were amazed how Home Wrecker called out on the VHF for me and had a conversation with some unknown boater.....I didn't feel like he was an stranger thanx to this website


Like you guys I'm also eyeing when my next trip will be.... :)

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