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Yankee @ the Oak 8/15-8/18 - Tyeeeeeeeeeeee

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August 15 (afternoon) & August 16th (Morning) - Marc Roberts saw the damage his brother did last year up on Ontario with us, so he had to come see what it was like for himself! We worked the 28-30N lines right out front and it turned into another CCTCD (Can’t Close the Cooler Day)! 


We ran our 8 rod set-up. Our Cannon downriggers probed the 70-125’ area, our divers were out 250-325’, and we ran three coppers from 400-600’ out. The meat bite coupled with the fly bite should be illegal right now! The Familiar Bite behind big meat paddles have been on fire the last few weekends fished on our deep coppers, and our deepest Cannon downrigger. Pair that with our A-TOM-MIK flies, and these Salmon don’t stand a chance!











August 17th - The Maryland boys were back again this year, and this time they brought nice weather! We headed back out to the 28-30N line and worked the 10-12W line for an hour or two in the morning, but we found our area to the West on the 15-16W line late morning. The bites started to come fast, but we never did break 24lbs today. 


We ran our typical spread. The A-TOM-MIK coppers were on fire! A 400 and two 500 coppers gave us a lot of action! Dreamweaver’s Green dot Spin Doctors pulling an A-TOM-MIK Hypnotist fly was good on the 400 copper, and Familiar Bite meat on both 500 coppers seemed to work well. Our divers were going from 275-325’ out. A Wonderbread Smartfish/A-TOM-MIK Glow Blue Hammer was on fire on one, while the other side had a Twinkie Meat rig. Our Cannons pulled rigs from 70-125’ down, and a Stinger E-Chip 2 face/A-TOM-MIK Ultra Green Glow was great once the sun came up.


We were fishing the second to last leg of the King of the Oak tournament series, so we stayed out even after we boxed out. I’m pretty sure we hit 40 bites by 2pm, which might be one of the better days of 2013!









August 17th (afternoon) - We went out with a new crew from Buffalo. These guys had caught the darkies in the stream, but wanted to experience the fresh fish swimming in Lake Ontario!


After the morning we had I couldn’t wait to get back out there! We fished the same area we had been in the last few weeks. 28-30N and 14-17W was the ticket. Dominic (the kid) was the coolest little guy! He wanted to reel in every fish once he saw the first once come over the side. He even manhandled a 500 copper to land one of the fish he’s holding in the pictures above. Stinger’s 2 face E-Chip/A-TOM-MIK Hypnotist was very productive on our 90’ Cannon downrigger. Our Familiar Bite meat was also good on our 100’ Cannon downrigger. Wires were firing anywhere from 250-300’ out on a 2 setting with both A-TOM-MIK flies and Familiar Bite meat.


I’m pretty sure the kid is hooked!







August 18th - Another day with the Maryland boys, and another memorable day for the 2013 season! We FINALLY cracked the 30lb mark with a 30.08lb Chinook Salmon!


The bite started slow like it did on Saturday morning, but picked up around 8 o’clock and we were headed in by noon with a 5 man limit! The 30lb Salmon was part of a quadruple! It took a Moonshine Carbon 14 on a 300’ A-TOM-MIK Copper rig, next to go was a wire diver out 200’ pulling a Legendary SmartFish Wonder dot/A-TOM-MIK Glow Blue Hammer, then the Familiar Bite went on the 90’ Cannon downrigger, and we ended with a Brown Trout on the 75’ Cannon downrigger pulling a Dreamweaver Sea Sick Waddler mupped. All that and no tangles!


The wire diver out 200’ pulling a Legendary SmartFish Wonder dot/A-TOM-MIK Glow Blue Hammer took multiple fish for us, and so did Familiar Bite meat on our 500 A-TOM-MIK coppers and our deep Cannon downriggers. Our 400 A-TOM-MIK Copper was also good with a Dreamweaver Green Dot Spin Doctor.A-TOM-MIK Hypnotist.


These guys got spoiled!









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Is that a Smallmouth Bass or Sheephead in the last picture?  Let me guess it came on the deep rigger on a meat rig way offshore right??


Great report and looks like you might have the majors cleaned out before they get a chance to run the oak this year.


It's a Brown Trout that was part of a Quad over 500' of water. It came on the 75’ downrigger pulling a Dreamweaver Sea Sick Waddler mupped.

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Sorry I see that now in your report up above. That fish must have gotten lost with the blow earlier in the week.  Amazing how those browns can move in and out like that. I have actually gotten a few sheephead offshore before on spoons. You are the "big man on Lake O". I know who I would be booking with if I didnt already my own boat.  40 hookup by 2pm after a slow start is just crazy.  Those guys will never forget that day. 

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I'll bet you'd have plenty of company regarding that statement: "I know who I would be booking with if I didnt already my own boat". Nice going Rick!

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No, I wish I was but I'm trolling the hyway for dollars for a couple weeks yet. Labor day weekend starting the 28 th I'll be out there. You think there will be enough kings left to go around? LOL!

I think so. Hopefully, we're not running offshore every day by then. That's getting old!

I thought I saw your boat in the background of a picture my brother took on Friday. That's why I asked if you'd been out there.

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