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Blue Diamong Roller Rod- Broken

Don Supon

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I have been using a BD-TR-862MH-1 (8'6 roller rod MH) now in it's 2nd season. The butt section snapped 5 in. from the hand grip (thickest area). Okuma has been out of production of these for a while and can not help me. One year warrantee is gone, and they do not have any left over.


I'm looking for a replacement butt section for this 8'6 MH roller rod. Anyone know where I might find one?


Not a fan of Twilley Tips on a dipsey rod; is anyone using the 19 strand wire on a dipsey rod with standard eyes? It is claimed that it can be used this way with no damage to the eyes. I can do it this way if necessary as I already have the components, but doen't want to ruin another rod before finding out if the 19 strand wire claims are true. What are the experiences out there? Thank you in advance.

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RustyRat-   I need the butt section of the roller rod.


Putting on a twillie tip is easy if someone wants to go that way. My choices are to replace the butt end of roller rod, put a twillie tip on a standard guide dipsey rod for use with 7 strand wire (possess the rod already), or keep the same tip on that other rod and switching to 19 strand wire (have the 19 strand wire in possession) and use the existing tip.


I'm asking for help in locating a roller butt end or for experience with 19 strand wire and it's effect on a standard rod tip.

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Yea what I'm saying is I've used 7 strand on a stock tip and it lasted 2 years before I changed it out. I've been using 19 strand like lead core with no noticiable wear on the tip top. I can't help u with the butt section.

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