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RUFF RIDER Sodus Live Report Aug 23 - Sep 2

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The wind is pretty dead at the marina right now.  Lake should be flattening right out!  The night bite was aweful tonight for the folks that went out... I think I heard of one small fish between the three boats.  Hopefully that means they will be hungry in the morning!  Sounds like temp was still in that 60ft range.



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Sometimes about now in the season they respond well to  larger "floppy" action spoons run real close to the ball 3-6 ft behind if they are down a ways in 100 or less water, and even the flashers the same way. I think they may see the whole thing as a "unit" (maybe of small fish or bait or a "competitor"?) when run that close and aren't as spooked by it. Just a FYI. Some of them may be entering the channel itself pretty soon since things seem to be a couple weeks ahead this year in terms of Fall approaching....when they get to that point they don't care about temps etc. and some of the fish pics on here were pretty colored up.

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