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OSWEGO:Today's lake conditions 08/23/13

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Hey everyone, I was thinking about bringing a few green horns out this afternoon, but if the water is too rough than I'm not gunna risk it. Anyone out there now or is going out today that may have some insight on current conditions and potential future conditions for this afternoon? (Wave size to be specific) LOOKING FOR POTENTIAL CONDITIONS AROUND 3PM



PS: I'm at work right now otherwise Id be driving down to Brietbeck every few hours to see for myself

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My buddy was at Wrights at 6 am and said it was 4s and 5s...


The lot attendant looked at my 17 ft boat, then looked at me and said, "Are you sure you want to do this?"  


Wind speed is half of what it was at 6.  Going to give it a couple more hours and head back up. 

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4-5's???  Well I guess we made the right call heading home this morning. It was rough yesterday morning and laid down nicely by 1 pm. Amazing how quick it an kick up and how fast it can lay down. We scooted when the storm came thru.



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