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definitely mono on riggers.  I fill my rigger reels most of the way with 17 lb Trilene XT (approx 350 yds) then splice in 120-150 ft of 30 lb Big Game to deal with the fleas.


I have both braid and wire divers on the boat and the wires outfish the braids by like 3:1.  Both catch fish, but I've run a 30 lb Malin wire on one side and braid (50 lb powerpro) on the other lots of times and the wire has always outfished the braid, even with similar baits on both and fishing the same depths.



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Tim, I am going to rig a Penn GTi320 with wire for dipsy. Bought 30# Malin but it only came in 450' spool. I was going to back the Malin with 30# mono. Will that work?


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