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Bunch of stuff updated make me an offer

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Cortland flea flicker 30lb 2500yd-20.00

Flambeau maximizer spoon box 40.00

3 spools of down rigger cable 200ft each-40.00

18 million candlepower spot light 40.00

5 million candlepower spot light 20.00

4 8" stinger slashers nip green glow,white/pearl,silver, silver/silver flake tape 15.00

21 bait heads verious colors whole and cut 30.00

7 teaser rigs verious greens 30.00

35 Cleo's and spinners 1/8-3/4 oz mostly 1/2&3/4 40.00

Predator wedge slimline therm-a-seat 5.00

Have pics if needed

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