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Kicker Motor Help

goin deep

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I have a 1995 221 Starcraft Islander 3.8L and want to put a 4 stroke kicker motor on it. My question is what size shaft on the kicker would I need and what size motor do you recommend?

Thanks in advance for your help!

Brian(Goin Deep II)

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Brian, I have a Merc 9.9 4-stroke on my 2450 Sabre and it handles it no problem. It is a long shaft. Whatever your mounting means I would make sure that the motor has a long enough shaft so the prop is far enough below the bottom of the boat to reduce cavitation. I previosly had this 9.9 on a 20 ftr. It does a better job on the 24 ftr due to it being lower in the water than it was on the 20 ftr.


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BRIAN I have a 9.9 merc. pro kicker 25inch long shaft on my 24foot thompson it works great even in 2 to 3 footers.a couple of things you need to know,before you can purchase the right motor,you needtoknow the vertical lift or drop on the mounting bracket the floor line also the water linethis will allow you to mount bracket once you know distance from top of bracket to cavitation plate,I belive when motor is in down position the cavitation plate should be 1 inch above bottom of boat at the centerline of your kicker motor this should all be spelled out with the instructions when you purchase your mounting bracket keep kicker as close to center of boat 20 to 23 inches

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