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Haywire/August 23/25

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Hot lure: Green Nuclear Spinnie with Gorman Blue Hammer Fly on Wire Diver 2 setting 75 Back-Friday

              Green Pro Troll with E Chip with a Atomic Green fly on Wire Diver 2 setting 142 Back-Sunday

              * I dont know the name of the fly but its mainly Green with Blue sparkles

              Black Meat Pounding Deep got a few Steelys on a cheater on 72 rigger

              White Glow Green Dot NK28 did a nice Brown on 55 rigger

              Michigan Stinger Mag Emerald Shad did a nice Brown also on a 5 color off the board


Best Depth:90ft both days


Species Breakdown: Friday: 1 King, 1 Steely, lost 2 behind the boat and missed a release.

                                 Sunday: 3 Kings, 2 Browns, 1 Steely.


Best Speed: 2.6-2.8mph at the Fish Hawk, temp was all over and we caught fish at all different temp


Best Troll: East to West or West to East


Summary:  Friday i finally got my lovely Wife out on the boat this year, 4th attempt lol. Every attempt the winds were ripping along with the lake. My cousin Jay came out for one last hooray this year. Cousin Rog who just got married to a lovely young lady, Lisa also accompanied us with derby cards in hand! Crankd my Top Gun theme song as i brought her down the shoots, ya im a dork! oh well :P I went west to some really good old way points from last year and had alot of bait and hooks in 90 to 110 ft of water. Trolled west for awhile with no action and as soon as Jay put her on a North West rods started firing. We had a little case of the dropsies, one of them my knot had a meltdown and Rog lost a nice King. My bad cuz :headbang:. We managed to get 2 nice fish for Lisa to take back to her family in Virginia. Marked a ton of fish as sun went down in 70 ft of water but couldnt get them to go. Non the less we all had a great time and it was great to catch up with family. The ladies chatted all are ears off and had a awesome time on the water. They were a riot!


                 Sunday it was good to get Matty back out one last time this year and accompaning us were 4 really good dudes i grew up with and PARTIED with back in Clarence. Every one in the derby, I started in real inside, i setup in 40 feet of water and man i setup on the mother load of bait and occasional hooks but these fish were being uncooperative so we slipped out to deeper water and the wires started firing and the Clarence Crew started wrenchin on some Kings with help from me and Matt, and we picked at the browns a bit. Got to hear my favorite saying in the world twice on this trip yup BFE "Biggest Fish Ever" and sent the 25lbr to Doty Taxidermy. Also succesfully released a nice young King that i told, see you in 2 years buddy! Great day with GREAT GROUP OF GUYS. Im blessed to have so many awesome people in my life! Fishing this Sunday and thats going to be it for us this year. Gonna Give em Hell! WE WANT MORE WE WANT MORE! Good luck to everyone in Fall LOC







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Awesome day for you guys!..always more fun with the ladies too! Nice day right to the sunset as well. Koot, you really know how to have fun with your friends and family...nice report! I like that tune man!...danger zone..no dork in my book man!

See ya out there this weekend, I got one more round to Wisconsin and back home Wednesday...


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Ah ye yah! Great end to a great season!  Wish I had more trips out this year but being able to be out and help put 2 on the boards and then help hook up on some great fish for other guys this weekend was all well worth it...Cheers to a great season and a even better next year! :beer:

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Ye ye ye ye lol! ya buddy! thanks for the help Bro. Couldnt do it if it werent for all the help you guys give me. Definatly cant wait to have you out with us more next year. STUPID WORK :swear:  And imagine in a few years Tommy and Jase will be old enough! thats going to be AWESOME.

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