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Lure "Fads" on Lake O


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DJ, little truth to your comment in most cases, if every angler on Lake Ontario buys into the advertisement of the next best thing and the next best thing isn't so great, I highly doubt they will come back and buy more. A lure manufacturer may try to acquire any level of popularity for multi faceted reasons, but for longevity and to sustain the popularity needed to turn a fad into the next best thing they certainly aren't going to achieve success by intriguing an angler once. I could name dozens of lure manufacturers who were here today and gone tomorrow, you can market the next best thing all you want, won't mean a whole lot without various forms of backing power, like various forms of repeated fish catching success.


I was explaining to PeltHunter a lil of what and why items become popular and/or remain popular. Really has nothing to do with catching fishermen one time, and that one sale would not add up to a job complete by any means, at least not on the Lake Ontario tackle scene where profits are minimal. (:



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Not to switch horses midstream on you guys but I've been pounding Steelies on the same type of spinner (when spinner fishing) for the last 35 years. Vibrex was the "new thing" ..naw......there has always been Panther Martins and Mepps and Rooster Tails.........it's none of the above.......chances are you may never guess it. I think most people fall to their own insecurity and fish what is popular........you won't find alot of guys with a marshmallow on a hook drifting along but "they work".....real well. I don'y own a boat but If I did I'd run an old red and white Dare Devil about a 4 incher on one set up ..."just to do it".   I caught a 16 1/2 inch crappie on an old River Runt........a lure now hanging on a piece of drift wood. Market the lures to the fisherman not the fish...........that's the word of the day these days. Flashers have been around "forever".........you troll your thumb behind one and might catch a fish..................Just sayin'

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