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Cannon Digi-troll 10 TS package

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I have given up my charter business due to health issues, sold the boat and am now offering the gear that was installed...


 and am offering the following as a package and don't want to break it up.


1)  Two Cannon Digi-Troll 10 TS downriggers.  They are almost new and have one seasons use.  Some very minor evidence of having been fished.  


2)  2 stainless spools and 2 plastic spools.  Stainless are loaded with wire and plastic is loaded with coated wire


3)  Cannon dual axis rod holders


4)  covers


5)  swivel bases and all mounting hardware and bolts


6)  two transducers (one never used) for Digi-Troll bottom tracking and up/down cycle


7)  cable for linking the riggers together to work with one transducer


8)  3 Intell-troll probes (one monitor)  that all work perfectly and provide speed and temp on the rigger screen.


9)  2 dozen Cannon terminators and other Cannon odds and ends.


$1800 for all of it.  I used a 50% reduction from current retail to arrive at this price.  I also have the original packaging and can do credit cards

if a buyer wants it shipped on your dime.


I caught a lot of fish with the cycling mode...bait fish do not swim at the same depth, so why should a lure not go up and down while going forward?


I really got addicted to the probe read out on the rigger so I bought 3 of them when Cannon stopped offering the unit.  I know some have had problems with the Intelli-Probe but I never did...they worked fine for me.  I think the issue had to do with the boat being properly grounded.


thanks for looking,


AC Holmes





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