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Seneca 9-1-13

Iron Duke

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Ran out of south end this morning with my Dad , my son and my girlfriend.... We ran cores coppers dipsys and riggers... We started hitting fish instantly on the coppers cores and riggers , small salmon and decent little browns got that reset and 400 copper and 7 color start rippin at the same time (Doubled up!!) and we get a nice laker and salmon to the boat.... Troll a little farther north and we have a big smash on the port rigger and before I get to it its already wrapped up in the dipsy but after some quick help from my son we get her unwrapped and to the boat... Trolled north and started getting into weeds that weren't there yesterday so went out deep and got our laker program going ... We ended up the morning with a couple real nice lakers and a Grand Slam !!! We went 10 for 13 with some real beautiful fish... Packed up at 930 and we were at breakfast by 10.... ..





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