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Tough weekend for Li'l Bit at the Oak

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This was by far our toughest weekend of the season. Had a granddaughter up for her first experience on Lake O and she did manage a 26 lb king on a white crush spinny with a white glow fly with a little purple in it out 180.


The only other fish on Saturday were a steelhead and a small king released in the back of the boat.

Sunday wasn't any better and the only fish caught were a mid teens king caught in 65' of water on a Finger Lakes Evil Twin down 60' and a couple of browns in 35' of water on the same spoon just off bottom

Plan to be back for one more try this weekend before hauling the green Sportcraft home for the fall striper season on the Chesapeake.

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Age and treachery will always overcome youth and enthusiasm.

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You may have seen our post 8/31 & 9/2 at the Oak. Based on all we talked with and heard on the radio, if you caught a few, you did well.


Our experience with staging kings is that the fishing can go from terrible to great in a day depending on water temp and weather.


20 years ago or thereabouts the first day of a three day weekend we did fair out at 250 FOW. The next day the 60 FOW range was great. King after King all morning. Made the mistake of calling up my boss and told him to get up the next day and I'd take him out for a great day of fishing. Never had a hit.


The way we look at is, it you just went out everyday and hammered them it would be more of chore than exciting experience. That's why they call it fishing I guess.


I look at deer hunting the same way.


Next weekend could be awesome.

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We too experienced a tough weekend, after last year's great labor day weekend we showed up with high hopes. After 3 days of fishing we had 1 steelhead and 3 kings. Lots of bumps and bruises from a tough wave day on Sunday. Also donated a 12lb ball and fishhawk probe to the fish gods...tough weekend.

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