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Thought it was about time to tell you  a little about me. In 1984 my husband and I started fishing the BIG O.  We had to give it all up because of a prolonged illness my husband was facing, but not till 2011. My life has changed completely since May 2, 2013 as my husband passed away and without any other relatives or kids, I became completely lost.  I miss him very very much.  He was not only my dear husband but my best friend and my forever fishing buddy. Please don't misunderstand my grief, and I must admit it's bad.  I'm only clarifing the reason I'm posting so many classifieds.  I called a pro for some info on what newspaper I should use to advertise tackle.  I'm thankful he was one of your members and so here I am.  I'm holding an auction here in southwestern Pa.  on the 28th of Sept. and wanted to let you know that even tho it won't be a live internet auction, you will be able to view alot of pictures thru a hyperlink to his site and call him or email him with a bid. Truck, two boats rifles flintlock muzzeloader matthews outback bow with all the bells ready to hunt approx. 1000 spoons musky plugs bass baits stick baits targets tree stand and climber rangfinders just a tremendous amt of stuff.


There are some things that need to be on your site now so I hope I've explained myself well enough to all of you.  Oh I forgot and I'm not bragging. My husband placed in several tournaments up there Eslo Loc and I was also fortunate enough

to do so.  His 21lb.7oz steelie took first place in Orleans Co  and the fall LOC 2000. He had several othersteelhead places in the other tournaments in  other years. My fish was the largest caught by a  woman in the fall 2001.  34lb.11 oz..


Thank  you for your time and kindness and especially sharing your great forum with me. 




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Really sorry to hear about the loss of your husband and from the sound of it a great fisherman as well. I know it is a tough thing to go through the auction but I'm sure a lot of happiness will result from it on the part of the recipients of the fishing equipment. Best of luck to you with it as well as your other life endeavors. Les

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