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Is the lake fishing done?

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Fish browns inside of where the thermocline intersects the bottom, chase deep steelhead, target aggressive staging mature kings or just fish whatever bait pods you can find.  Still lots of choices...

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Thinking of heading up to Mexico next sat,sun,mon. Are we wasting our time and gas? It's a five hr drive so any advise appreciated. TJ


No, you are not wasting your time.

Still a couple weeks of good Salmon fishing left.

How good is dependent on the weather.

It was shaping up to be a banner season until the three day blow this past week.

Fishing got tough and you had to work for them but plenty of fish around.


Good luck.



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I went out Friday night out of sandy. I had good screen in 400's ..... should of stayed out there. When we came in ghe dock was full of fisherman and they were catching lots of spawning kings. I'm going to stay deep and try to find steelhead and young kings. I'm new to salmon fishing but had a great yr and learned a lot through friends and this site. So now its time to learn the late season tactics for chasing steelhead and kings out deep. Ide rather chase those than spawning mature kings. Nothing better than quality steelhead putting in a show.

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