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Cayuga B.A.S.S.


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The B.A.S.S. boys better hurry while the pickings are still good. I hate to be pessimistic but between the golby's and the eels the Cayuga fishery is getting hammered.

Fished again Saturday and the catch rate for lamprey eels is starting to rival my salmonid catch. I had 8 eel attachments on my rigger balls weights

The quality of the fishing on Cayuga has definitely decreased. I'm catching fewer & fewer older fish. The 12" to 20" fish are becoming the norm and the tournaments are being won by fish that would have never been on the board two years ago.

These attachments started last year and are becoming more common....

To compare the size of the lamprey, the cannon ball   weight in the pictures is a 12 lb'er. :o


:rofl: ...OK, cleaned it up a little so Gill-T won't be tempted.



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