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Spoonfed-2 Thanks to Hank


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Because of starting the Charter business last fall, as much as I love my Wellcraft I needed a bigger boat with more room and comfort for a full crew of customers.


Got a call from Hank about a solid Penn Yan Competitor that his friend Bill was selling, checked it out and to make a long story short I bought this boat 2 weeks before I had two full weeks of straight bookings for the fall salmon season.


My friend Hank installed hydraulic steering, Simrad AP, Furuno 585 w through hull trans., Garmin gps , new water fittings, rewired the entire boat, replaced the bolster cushions, gave me more travel of the rudder and numerous other problems.

Hank not only got this boat done on time to get it in the water for my two week fishing blitz, everything was done right and everything functioned perfectly.

No rework involved in any of the work he did which in itself is pretty dam amazing. 


Hank I really appreciate the amount and quality of the work you did in such a short time.

My customers were very impressed with the room and comfort of this boat and she fishes like a dream.

I just can't say enough about the work that Hank did for me.


Hank your off the hook for screwing up the new touch screen gps. (private joke)

Reason you were having problems with it was it was a bad head unit. :rofl:

Spent over an hour on the phone with Garmin tech support, who by the way was excellent, before they discovered the unit was bad. They overnighted me a new one and it does what it is supposed to do with no issues and it's pretty sweet.

Problem with the head unit was when you made a selection on the screen it would select something else.

There is a touch alignment program that wasn't working correctly. I had to run 4 trips zoomed into 20 ft. :shake:


Well thanks again Hank and we will see you soon.


The  Spoonfed-2











Good fishing


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Glad she is working out for you. I miss her. She will take care of you . Good luck glenn. Salmon Hunter. Bill.

Thanks Bill. She cleaned up real nice as well.

Just to get her dirty again.LOL


Thanks guys. :yes:


Her first 4 trips.









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Awesome fishing boat Glen !!!  Hank did an unreal, amazing job of getting her rigged and ready to go for you in such a short time....and you did a great job cleaning her up and  putting your customers on fish,and getting those fish on to the boat! I had a great time fishing on your new spoonfed 2 sunday,despite the sloppy,rough conditions.... those salmon were a blast...thanks for taking me out. Stay well...and good luck in the future with that penn yan.

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