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Olcott pier 9-14

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Water conditions perfect for early King action off pier.  North wind blew some green lake water in to mix with the creek water to give a nice 4' visiblilty. Hooked two males on a Moonshine firetiger spoon at first light.  4 other fish caught on the usual firetiger jointed rapalas, spoons, firetiger mag wiggle warts etc.  Ah Vince.....a little too close LOL.  Proof of life photos.  Let buddy reel in second fish....his first pier fish..(notice tuckered out forced smile).







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Just an update. Didn't get out in the kayak till monday night. Hit the water at 10:30pm stayed out till 2am.  No fish jumping that I saw. Slid out to as far as 40 foot of water. Was marking some fish in 20-35 fow 5-15 feet down, no takes.  I also marked about two or three fish in 14' of water.  Only thing I caught was about a two pound smallie out in 25 fow.  Surface temp was still pretty warm. Not used to getting the skunk at this time of year. I'll give it another week before I try again.



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