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Kidders - next week?


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A friend and I are spending a few days next week based out of Kidders. This is my 1st trip to Cayuga in a few years but grew up fishing it. ( Dryden native) We are in an18' Lund and have all the gear, riggers, rigs, dipseys and FF combos, copper, cores and boards. Not looking to burn your spot and we are mobile from Sheldrake to Long Point, Meyers and T'Falls.

Any, thoughts on what to start with for lakers and land locks would be appreciated.

Thanks so much - Lobster

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I've had good luck with the Glow Wonderbread spoons or Glow Electric Blueberry or anything White/Pearl colored for the Lakers. As well as UV wonderbread or UV Burke's Valium.

For the Landlocks I've been taking them on Puss-n-Boots ,Pooh bear Purple,UV Cotton candy, UV Boy/Girl, DW glow circus freak with copper back,or anything orange or copper. even the plain old Sutton #44 and #36 have been taking fish. Hopefully that'll help you out. I run them straight up with sliders or on dipseys,or Pro trolls/spin drs.

Tight lines! :D

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Launch at sheldrake and head north. Lots of nice points and bars that way. Start deep and work your way in untill you find fish. Lakers are laying all over the points and drops. Chrome works well. And bright colors for the salmon. Start around 150 fow. Salmon browns are all over the big bait balls that you will locate on your graph.

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