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How to register a boat bought in Canada?


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Dear SNB, FIRST, ARE you going to use the boat for pleasure or commercial (I.E.) Charter use in USA. If pleasure use, no taxes at the point of entry. Declare your purchase as personal use under NAFTA agreement. Be sure and get a receipt showing what you paid for it or bill of sale from a dealer. POE import officer will give you a receipt showing when you passed thru customs. You have approx. 30 days to pay NYS sales tax. Take all of the info to local DMV, pay sales tax, and get it registered. SAVE THE SALES TAX RECEIPT!! This is a short version.....DO NOT BUY A TRAILER IN CANADA unless it can pass DOT V-5 regulation and has the proper V-5 cert. on the trailer tag. This is most IMPORTANT. USA customs will seize the trailer @ POE if the traler does not meet USA DOT V-5 reg,s.........Sincerely, X-Jet Boat Bill (my boat was from a Canadian mfg. in Ontario.)

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