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meeting a "pro" angler


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So small story, I work at a local Ford dealership. A motorhome gets towed in with a bass boat loaded up with sponsors. Thought nothing of it, then saw the name and who it was. Takahiro Omori from the FLW national BASS tour. Real nice guy, talked fishing for a while, uncovered his boat and showed me. Interested in the type of fishing we have here in NY and floored when I told him the size of the salmon we have here. I don't really follow green carp fishing but it was cool to chat with him on their tour and what they do. Made a boring day at work a little interesting. Thought of an autograph but didn't want to seem like a 12yr old girl at a Justin Bieber concert

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I had the pleasure of meeting and talking with Bass Pro and luremaker Gary Yamamoto a month or so ago. He stayed at J J campground in Mexico for almost 2 weeks, as he was pre fishing Oneida Lake for that big Bass fishing tournament held there this summer. What a nice guy and full of bass fishing tips and info. I hope he comes back to ny state next year too.Check out his rig ...he was heading back to his home base in Texas.




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