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Wet one at the Oak.

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Got up at 4 and it wasn't raining at home , hooked up boat & it started raining at Lakeshore Rd.By the time I got to the parking lot it was a down pour. Debated going out but said what  the heck. Donned my Gay apparel (my rainsuit) and went out. First fish 15 min out. Got 3 more on.Rained like a cow pi-- ing on a flat rock a few times, Makes me feel alive in the raw weather in my small boat. Got cut off by a Red Crestliner but the guy had no choice. On the brite side I got my J plug back. Troutman blew his horn at me and drove right at me but he had a fish on , he  appologized to me  for pushing me over. All J plugs again. Fish are so dark they  look like I got them at the Dam. Won't  be long till  they run upstream with the rain.

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