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Sea cast stringer repair?

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Looking into buying a boat and the seller has bad stringers redone from the transom to the helm area including motor mounts. He said he had them redone with sea cast material and the capped of with fiberglass and then painted. Any input as to this sea cast product or the description of this method of repair? Anything to be concerned about or look for? Survey would be done before any purchase but just looking for opinions

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From what I know or hear of it, it is heavy. Other than that, the biggest questions are the same as with ANY other technique or material. It is all in how is was done. If it was used properly, no issue. If it was half ass-ed, problem. If old wood and material was properly removed and area prepped, good. If a hole was punched for a quick scrape and pour, bad. 


I'd find out who did the work and research THEM more than I'd worry about how what was used.

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Misalignment of new stringers can burn out your gimbal bearings quickly. It happens. Then new stringers again need to be installed.

old stringers can have the same problem.  soft stringers or vibrating mounting feet cause misalignment.   for new stringers though, the drive coupler shaft alignment needs to be centered as the mounting holes are being placed!!!  whene you have the survey done have the drive alignment checked.   if the alignement is off it needs to be corrected but im not so sure i would insist on new stringers if they are new and hard.    just a little mounting hole fabrication education is all you need.   but it just has to be correctly aligned and engine connected to the stringers.  anytime you change anything in that system it should be align checked such as gimbal bearing, motor, motor mounts, stringers, U-joints, drive coupler, flywheel etc.

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