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Fall st. lawrence muskys?

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  • 2 weeks later...

Finally! After losing a few, we got one to the boat! 




Margaret Ferm, with her first St.Lawrence river musky. 


54 inches long, 26 inch girth, a little over 40 lbs.?


 Released to grow into the next World Record! 

Wow what a fish, why it's as wide as the both of you standing together for the awesome picture !!! cangrats

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sweet fish.

for weeds as mentioned above,we use weedwacker lineattached on the head of a 5ft leader.

on st clair my waters.take 8 inch weedwacker line. tie a knot. thru the hole attach the loop. theres a tab on each side. when weeds follow the line the weed wacker sheds the weeds.

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  • 1 month later...

Nitro and i went up a couple weeks ago for 4days and went 2for 2 ....PIKE !! damn things.Got pretty windy and we got caught behind wolf isl when the winds roared....Glad we made it back across to cedar pt.That was nasty!!Winds again next day and we headed over to launch at gananoque.Last day got stuck fishing the american shore and the eagle wing group because of the winds.Those last two days were  pretty cold and again nutt`n.So it goes on the st.lawerence...as if that were`nt enough to keep me down i`m heading up for the day tomorrow to have another go at it.I`ll try next wknd if the weather holds up as well.


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