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Irondequoit Bay perch

pleasure unit

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Was out on the ice at 7:10am Friday. Caught 177 +/- perch and kept about 20 nice ones. About 4 foot of water and 6 inches of ice on east side of swing bridge. Fished about 3 hrs! Most were caght on walleye minnows and the rest were on "eyes"..... They just last so long!

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First, keeping track of 177 is remarkable. After like 12 I kinda quit counting. I noticed that in the NE section, small pearch; even pretty tiny seem to rule which is consistant with 20 out of 177. I'm pretty new to ice fishing so someone let me know what typically goes on there . The water seems to be like 4 feet. I also tried south of the 104 bridge last Sunday and noticed it was like a lot slower in the deep water. Maybe it was just that day as I talked to a lot of people and got the same story. In both places I used the small minnows and just got a lot of small pearch in the NE and only 3 south of the bridge. I am thinking in the deep water some small spoon/jig action because it is deeper. So far I have only used live bait on a 1/16oz jig. I am thinking that may not be heavy enough in the deep water but worked fine in the shallow part. Someone please let me know what is a decent technique south of the bridge because this weekend I am either heading to the NE section or S of the bridge. Both require different techniques in my opinion. Thank you in advance for the help.

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