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Soft Top Lights w/ pics


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Here's some pics. The light connections are all modular. I have rigged everything on this boat to be easily removed so it can be used for other functions or fishing styles.

Light with rubber pole clip.


Plug on Pwr feed cable.


Starboard Lt. The power feed cable has double flat connectors at this end. One plugs into the stbd light, the other plugs into wires ran thru the canopy pole sleeve.


Port Lt. The wires coming thru the sleeve have a plug on the port side and connect to that light.


In this pic you can also see a clamp on net holder that I made.


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if ya want a real jethrow setup like mine i use one of those clamp lamps with one of those cigeratte lighter 110v adapters and a 14w floursent spiral bulb u only need it for the first hour of fishing unless you nite fish then ya toss it (gently) in storage ant to fancey but it works without any fuss at all K.I.S.S.

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