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Happy opening afternoon hunt

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My season is made, everything after this is a bonus. Those of you you who know my brother Mark know the challenges he faces to participate in his beloved bowhunting. The last 2 seasons I haven't been able to get him out much due to land permission losses. Several of his hunts ended when other hunters walked through his spots and when he whistled to them they chose to come over and have a conversation. They don't understand how many hours of prep go into a "sit", and all the extra challenges a parapalegic compound bowhunter faces. If its a morning hunt he has to get up in the wee hours of the morning, and super cold weather is dangerous because he can't "feel" the pain of cold in his legs and feet.

I sensed him starting to to concede that the trouble of transporting via pickup or RTV through farmland or the woods was not worth the trouble anymore, and he was going to just live deer hunting through others. 

Late this Summer an Angel of a landowner offered deer hunting permission and the use of his RTV to get Mark out in the field. 

After some coaxing and some reassurance that this would not be just another wasted effort of a "blown hunt", Mark started to practice for an early outing. As it turned out, I ended up with Oct 1st off so opening day it was. 

Our plan was to place him on the edge of a picked beanfield, in an area where the property owner had observed deer during legal light. As with SO many other hunts, we ran into an unforseen snag since we had looked the property over--a freshly set up blind! It was by a guy who primarily gun hunts but he did have permission. He had the factory fresh blind right on top of the runs entering the field. Mark was a little dismayed, but I told him this freshly picked beanfield was too much of a draw to not have deer show. We decided to try to guess what the deer would do--enter the field downwind of the strange new blind. It worked to perfection, at 5 pm 2 does entered the field where we hoped they would. He drew but they hooked immediately dead away offering no shot. He no more than let down and a hungry 6 pt entered in the exact same spot(which was 30 yds downwind of the new blind) , offering Mark a 30 yd broad side shot as he devoured beans. The shot hit home and my phone "blew up" with excitement. We had a bit of a scare with the tracking as there was no sign for 200 yds as the shaft was still in him. Fortunately, he noted the spot the buck crossed a ditch and on the other side of the ditch the tracking was easy through an unpicked beanfield and into the woods. Mark is "back in the saddle" and I'm still smiling!   Pic to follow.

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That is a very humbling, with upmost respect to you and your brother story, cograts. on your harvest and that will be a story to be told over and over again. Great to hear that he's back in the swing of things again!!!

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