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Seneca Seneca 10/3


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Just got back in fished cleaned boat put to bed............. went 7 for 8 shy a rainbow for a grand-slam..... worked for one for two hours or better just could not get one to hook up.......  4 lakers , two salmon and a 8# brown...........


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Nice going Ed....and sweet brown...those things must really fear you after this season (or at least they should) :lol:  WTG Les


Hey Ed I hate to say it but I think Kinger is laughing in the background in the pic :)

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Dave it sounds better than it was ...... the brown was the first fish three lines in the water a few minutes later brown on..... the first landlock was 17" next one was 8" ..... the lakers were all around 17" to 18" none with fin-clips ( good sign )


Yes he is Les !!!!


Glenn Brazee


 Another advertisement for those FLT lures?



All fish came on FLT , some his some my dirty-spoon deal....... the brown came on (hate to say it )  BullFroggy Frog Glow .....

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Way to go Ed nice brown and the mechanic down to frog hollow is still toying with the idea of service calls he is my uncle so I will keep working on it for future problems! How has the boat been acting


Starts hard but runs good after that..... thanks for checking

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