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Got out today with WWIV to look for some jumbos.  Didn't find the big ones but did manage to keep busy most of the day by moving around and checking different spots.  Water temps a little warm, 65-67, but marked lots of fish and bait.  Started out front by the drop off and finished in back by the Glen Haven hump.  Best fishing was by Glen Haven in 20-25 FOW.  Finished with a mixed bag of white and yellow perch and silver bass.  We even managed to jig up a catfish.  Should only get better as the temps drop.

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Hey Luke,

Thanks for the report. My eleven year old and I are waiting for the right time to go out there and try to get some perch. Every fall I let him play hooky one day to go perch fishing at Irondequoit. It's a special father/son day. He loves catching them while I take them off the hook. He loves eating them too. It kind of reminds me of when I was a kid and my dad use to let me skip school for opening day at Naples Creek on April 1st. Some things we never forget.

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