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Well I got my email to Precision trolling returned with some info that may or may not interest some of you guys. Earlier in the season there was some talk about where to find (buy) the trolling bible, they quit publishing the books and now they are sought after by lots of guys, some shared the pages with others, some did what ever. Any way precision trolling put together an APP that so far is for apple devices only and he emailed the prices with what each app covers there are 3 different apps. The first one is you can purchase the lures that you use the most for $2.00 a piece 2nd is $50.00 for 120 lures and up grades every year additional cost $10.00-$20.00 with new lures and line added each year. Or purchase lifetime for $100.00 which includes lifetime updates and new lures for free for ever. He also mentioned that there are lures that haven't hit the consumer market yet that will change the way we fish for walleye forever, what ever that means, also he mentioned the skipped lures that weren't in the book will be in the app. The price is what everyone is upset with and they are looking into what they can do about it, since apple is the only one that was interested, they might be under the thumb of Apple. Just some info I thought I would share with you, I'm sure that many already know about it. I'm going to give it some time and make a decision towards spring. I do a lot of trolling of the boards so maybe this will benefit me, knowing what depth my lures are at, especially in the spring after the walleyes before they hit the deep waters.

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