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Cayuga Dads first Laker!

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On my Dads 76th birthday took him and my mom fishing on Cayuga.  We went 6 for 7. Four lakers and two small salmon.  East shore south of AES 85 fow.  Dad landed this 30" "wild" male.  Fish caught on a Carmel dolphin with a "pull my finger" Big Weenie fly behind a #1 dipsy (black).  Happy Birthday Dad....   


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First things first Happy Birthday to your father :cake:  Some times when parents get up in age it's difficult to figure out what to get them for a gift. This gift I think was super special, :yes: for one you had both parent together and a FIRST laker at his age is priceless. :dance: I wish I had both my parents yet, cherish every moment you have with them. :sun: You couldn't of mail order a better gift. :party: Congrats to your dads birthday gift maybe mom will out do dad's fish LOL  :heart:  :beer:

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